"We are more than a terminal, we are an international tourist attraction, basically a cruise ship permanently moored next door to one of the most beautiful cities in southern Brazil."


The most valued beach on the coast of Santa Catarina is Balneário Camboriú, a cosmopolitan city with a strategic location. On the beautiful shore of Balneário Camboriú are the largest skyscrapers in Latin America. The city offers total infrastructure to receive tourists both in the hotel chain and in the excellent options of gastronomy, nightlife, shopping and tours. A complete mix of entertainment in one city.

Minutes after disembark, tourists start to enjoy the main attractions of Balneário Camboriú, such as Parque Unipraias, the cable car over the lush Atlantic Forest and its natural beauty, giant zip line, “Youhoo” cart. Walkway leading to the Historic Center with crafts and local cuisine, public market, and the most prized beach in Santa Catarina, where tourists can disembark with swimming suits directly from the ship to the clear sands of the lush shore.

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The lines of the BC PORT project were created by a local artist, inspired by the name Balneário Camboriú, which in one of its versions, coming from Guarani, would mean Robalo's river, thus conceptualizing the lines that structure the terminal's organic shape with the format of sea fish. BC PORT S/A recognizes local cultures and artists.


BC PORT, Multiple Entertainment Port, consists of a full Port Tourism Facility (IPTur). The complex resembles an airport where, in addition to the boarding rooms and the area for replenishment the ship's catering, it is equipped with shops, restaurants and a beachfront hotel, on the most valued shore of Santa Catarina.

A transatlantic terminal to be installed in Union waters adjacent to the Municipality of Balneário Camboriú, more precisely at the geographical coordinates  latitude 26º59,922'S and longitude  048º
36,333'W, the final portion of the South breakwater located at the mouth of the Camboriú River.

BC Port S/A is the company that owns the 25-year renewable concession, qualified by ANTAQ (National Waterway Transport Agency) in accordance with resolution nº. 3.290/14, authorized to build and explore the polygonal area of ​​water surface in South Bar of the Central Beach of Balneário Camboriú-SC.

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A pioneer in Brazil, BC PORT will be the first specific port for receiving passenger ships, with a gastronomic and entertainment center, shops and a hotel, which will provide a disembarkation just a few steps away from numerous attractions for ship passengers without the need for transfers by bus.


Fully open to the public, BC PORT's Commercial Landing Area - ACD offers more than 60 commercial spaces for stores and 21 restaurants, in addition to 14 kiosks and all infrastructure designed to provide passengers and visitors with all the comfort and security throughout the year .

More than a port, BC Port will be a new post card for the city, offering ship passengers, tourists and residents comfort and security in their shopping and leisure, ecstatic by the fantastic view of the ships and the Balneário Camboriu waterfront.


Inspired by the walk streets of Las Vegas, the Indoor Promenade receive stores of the best brands in an inviting environment for shopping. Scenographically illuminated, it offers the sensation of an open-air shopping mall.

Richly decorated, the promenade was inspired by inviting you to take a trip on thecruise routes “From the Rainforest to the End of the World”. At the main entrance the “Tropical Forest”, representing Brazil; next, “El Caminito”, famous Buenos Aires street-museum and other Buenos Aires beauties and finally arriving in Ushuaia, “El Fín del Mundo”, province of Tierra del Fuego and capital of the South Atlantic Islands and Antarctica.


High standard suites facing the sea


The Hotel Area (AH), incorporates luxury and high standards in all suites, with sun loungers on the balconies, outdoor jacuzzis, private kitchen, as a 6-star service.

The Hotel's double height lobby, located at the main entrance of BC PORT, has an annex pier offering yachts for tours and nautical transport. At the other end of the pier, guests can opt for a scenic helicopter tour.

On the roof of the hotel is a complete mix of leisure and relaxation activities for guests. The privileged view of the shore and the upper decks of the moored ships complement the unique experience. There are infinity-edge swimming pools, heated indoor pool, jacuzzis, massage rooms, fitness space, games room, cinema, buffet and bistro restaurants, bars, nightclubs and a lounge environment.



The outdoor area with its sea front restaurants, is compound of 21 renowned establishments, offering unique gastronomic experiences. At night, the“ballet of lights and waters”, a show with choreographed water jets on the overhang of the terminal, will complement the unforgettable experience for visitors. All of this in the most touristic city in the state, which is the most touristic state in the federation (Santa Catarina), which will soon be the starting point and destination of cruises in the South Atlantic, making BC PORT a true home port for shipping companies and a popular spot for all vacationers, tourists and residents of Balneário Camboriu and the region.


BC PORT will have a weather and traffic control station, offering via VHF radio "notices to mariners" in the region and other information that provide more security to navigation and operations with ships in the region of the mouth of the Camboriu River.


At the north end of the main pier, ship supply, loading, unloading and dispatching of baggage, catering, maintenance and logistics operations are carried out, starting from the Logistical Support Structure (EAL), located nearby the Camboriú River with easy access by the BR-101 to the BC Port cargo handling area. Logistics will be handled by barges that will transport all supplies and goods destined exclusively to BC PORT facilities and ships at berth, ensuring punctuality in all operations, using the river as a transport route, without congesting the city center with trucks.


On the robust structure of BC PORT's fenders, there is a large heliport, capable of receiving up to 5 private use or rescue aircraft, which can be used for transfers from nearby airports, or for panoramic flights.

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Balneário Camboriú is in a strategic geographical position of connection with the Mercosur countries. Santa Catarina, being the most touristic state in Brazil, and Balneário Camboriú, the most touristic city in the state, becomes a mandatory stop for all cruises from Santos - SP or Rio de Janeiro - RJ, the main ports of departure in Brazil. This condition includes about 80% of the calls that depart from Santos - SP and 70% of the cruises that depart from Rio de Janeiro-RJ. Together, they represent an expressive value in the movement of the port of Santos, the largest and busiest port in Brazil. It is concluded that BC PORT will be the most frequented passenger ship port in South America.

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Beto Carrero World

The largest theme park in Latin America, located in the city of Penha - Santa Catarina, 20 minutes from the terminal. Through a survey conducted by Revista Viagem e Turismo, published by Abril publisher and Ibope, it was elected as the best theme park in Brazil in 2011 and 2012.



Strong Germanic traditions, architecture and excellent quality of life. Vila Germânica Park is a great area for events and parties, like Oktoberfest, with shops and houses,

as in a village in the interior of Germany.


Florianópolis Island

In recent years, Florianópolis has become one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Brazil. In high season, its paradisiacal beaches, especially on New Year's Eve and later days, attract tourists from all states and neighboring countries who choose the capital of Santa Catarina to enjoy their vacation days.


Breweries Route

Beers with exclusive colors, aromas and tastes, which complement the dishes in terms of harmonization. Santa Catarina has the best specialty breweries in the country, located in the European Valley region, in the cities of Blumenau, Timbó, Indaial, Gaspar, Pomerode, Brusque and Jaraguá do Sul. Due to the proximity of these cities, it is an excellent visitation route.


Thermal Baths of Imperatriz

The benefits of thermal waters are numerous. For relaxation or even the cure of diseases, those who try the bath for the first time, tend to repeat the dose. In Greater Florianópolis, Santo Amaro da Imperatriz is one of the cities that offers water directly from the source, at 42 ° C, and located amid  vegetation, within the property of the centenary hotel Caldas da Imperatriz.

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Like what happens in Florida - USA, Santa Catarina is the reference state in tourist destination and favorite place for Brazilian and MERCOSUR travelers. BC Port will allow all tourists on vacation in the state to take cruises as a continuation of their vacation, both from Brazil to Mercosur, and from Mercosul to the Southeast and coast of Brazil.

Argentines, Chileans, Paraguayans and Uruguayans   tourists, in addition to the countless Brazilians on vacation in Santa Catarina, will use BC PORT as a port of embarkation for cruises to Ilhabela, Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, or to MERCOSUR countries, returning to Balneário Camboriú, using this platform as an extension of their vacation.


The BC PORT receptive will offer tourists and visitors numerous options just a few steps from the terminal. Parque Unipraias, with cable car over the lush Atlantic Forest, to the paradisiacal beach of Laranjeiras for diving and ecotourism; giant zip line; pirate ship adventure; banana boat ; parasail ; luxury tourism in the most sophisticated environments; helicopter tours; craftsmanship and gastronomy ...

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10 to 12 - day cruises, departing from Balneário Camboriú, passing through Punta del Este and the beaches of Uruguay, sailing south through the Patagonian sea, spotting seals and whales, stopping in Puerto Madryn, home of the emperor penguins, until reaching Ushuaia, “El Fin del Mundo” featuring icebergs and penguins. Returning to the north, with the option of stopping in the historic Falklands Islands (Malvinas Islands) and berthing in the glamorous Buenos Aires, enjoying the gastronomy and beauty of Buenos Aires, finally returning to Balneário Camboriú with all its attractions and wonders.

The described routes will only be feasible thanks to BC PORT, Entertainment Port in the south of Brazil, strategic point of connection with the other cruise routes.


A simplified chronology of the achievements obtained by BC PORT